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Aussie is Australia’s most successful home loan broker. But once we welcome customers to their new home, it’s often means goodbye to the relationship, as customers have lots of reasons to be in contact with their new lender, rather than us. We needed to contact new homeowners, to make them feel good about Aussie, and keep them engaged with us. What did we do? We ditched the traditional Direct Marketing pack. And welcomed new homeowners to their new area with a personalised website that pinpoints everythingabout their new neighbourhood. We used both Google and Sensis APIs to provide detailed search results of each address. From ‘Where can I get coffee?’ to ‘Where are the emergency services?’, ‘Where's my nearest painter?’ to ‘Where’s my local pub?’ After all, when you are new to an area, who wants to spend hours googling, when everything you want is on your own website specific to your address.

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